How to determine if in-house label printing is the right solution for you?

Years of customer analysis has shown that printing your own labels in house saves up to 4x more on costs than buying pre-printed labels from an online/local vendor. Large online label distributors will charge high markups on quantities of less than 10,000 pre-printed labels per label variety. For small to medium sized businesses that use a variety of labels, this can be extremely costly and can leave you with boxes of unusable labels should your product offerings change. This is where owning your own label printer comes in: Having in-house color label solutions gives you the control, drastically reducing wait times, cost per label, and label waste. The Portland Printer Place works in conjunction with AstroNova and Epson to provide companies all over the world with label printers, label media, ink, supplies, troubleshooting, and repair.


Here are (3) signs that in-house Label Printing may be right for your business

Small Batches & Label Variety
Many companies (such as cannabis, food, or beverage companies) use a wide variety of constantly changing label designs and sizes rather than a single large stockpile of one label. However, online label vendors are not cost efficient unless buying in large volumes, and small quantities of labels can be upcharged as much as 4x higher than if you had printed that same label in house.
Custom Data on Labels
Do you need a date, serial number, name, or other live data printed on your label? If so, printing labels in house is your only solution. All of the Label Printers we sell support industry-standard software such as Bartender and NiceLabel, giving you complete control over what data appears on your labels as you print.
No Waiting, No Waste
Did you run out of labels and need just a few more to finish a batch? Or did a sudden change to your label design render your stockpile of labels useless? With in-house label printing, you can generate however many labels you need for a job without the 2-3 week wait from the online printing services. You can also change your design on the go, reducing waste and decreasing costly mistakes.

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Introduction to Color Label Solutions

Showcase: In-house Bottle Labeling

Why Purchase, Rent, or Lease your Label Printer through Us?

We are dedicated to making sure our label products are a good fit for your needs. That means not only selecting the right printer for your business, but the right label media as well. We sell everything from transparent rolls to gold-leaf, and from recycled paper to gloss, in every size or customer die-cut imaginable. Some other reasons to work with us include:

  • Dedicated technical support, including help with set up, software choices, color management, and device configuration
  • Emergency Hot swapping to a loaner machine should yours become nonoperational. We always have a printer for you to borrow in a time of need.
  • Tried and tested labels that always work in everything device we sell
  • Competitive pricing with a wide variety of top brands, including Astronova, Epson, and Canon.

QL-300S CYMK+White Laser Label Printer

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The QL-300S is a unique Laser-based label printer that can print with White toner, allowing you to create vibrant labels on clear, gold, or dark-background media. This is a high production machine capable of printing 10,000+ labels per hour.

Trojan T2-C Mini-Press

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The Trojan T2-C is a powerful tabletop dye-ink press. With 2 liter ink sizes, maximum print width of 8.8", and a 1600x1600 DPI print quality, the T2-C is the ultimate in-house label printing device.

QuickLabel QL-120X Color Inkjet Label Printer

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The QL-120X is a high volume, 4 color inkjet label printer that operates at 12" per second print speeds. It can print on a wide variety of label stock including both matte and gloss up to 4.2" wide.

Epson Colorworks C3500 Compact Color Label Printer

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The Epson Colorworks printers represent great value for startups and budget-concerned businesses wanting to print professional labels without high overhead costs.