Lexmark's MPS Elite Program

In the market for a new printer? The Portland Printer Place offers Lexmark's MPS Elite program, saving you up to 20% on Printers, Toner & Supplies


The MPS Elite program locks your pricing in and gives you up to a 20% discount on the Printer itself and its Toners / Supplies for up to 5 years when buying through The Portland Printer Place. The vast majority of Lexmark Single-Function and Multi-Function Printers are supported on the MPS Elite Program. This includes the CS/MX 310, 410, 510, 610, 710, 810 series and many more.

Here are some of the many reasons for entitling your new printer on the MPS Elite Program:

  • It's free, easy to sign up for, and we do all the setup
  • No penalties, monitoring, underages or overages
  • Save up to 20% on the Printer and its Toners / Supplies
  • Locks in Toner and Supplies pricing for up to 5 years (min. 1 yr)
  • Higher page yields for Toners in most cases
  • Unparalelled customer satisfaction ratings

Call us at 503-232-9174 or e-mail info@ptrplace.com for ordering/more information! We are open 9AM-5PM M-F, 10AM-3PM Sat.


See below for some examples on the pricing you can expect for the various models of Lexmark Printers we sell under the program.

MS810n - Monochrome Single-function Printer

  • MPS Elite Price: $625
  • MPS Elite Toner: $309
    • 35,000 Page Yield
    • 0.8 cents per page
  • Normal Price: $689
  • Normal Toner: $429
    • 25,000 Page Yield
    • 1.7 cents per page

CX410de - Color Multi-function Printer

  • MPS Elite Price: $750
  • MPS Elite Toner:
    • Y, C, M: $81, Black: $83
    • 3,000/6,000 Page Yield
    • 2.7 cents per page (color)
    • 1.3 cents per page (black)
  • Normal Price: $799 
  • Normal Toner:
    • Y, C, M: $108, Black: $95
    • 3,000/4,000 Page Yield
    • 3.6 cents per page (color)
    • 2.7 cents per page (black)