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Device Overview

This is a black and white (Monochrome) Laser Printer that uses black Toner to put information on the page. The Drum, or Imaging Unit, is responsible for spreading the Toner onto the page. Both the Toner Cartridge and Drum are user replaceable parts that will need periodic replacement, mileage varying based on volume of use.

Service & Repair

The Portland Printer Place Services and Repairs this device. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, Click Here to reach out to a Technician. You can bring this device in to us, or schedule us to come out to you.

Troubleshooting Tips
  • Toner run out in the middle of a print job? Take the cartridge out and shake it to get a few more prints!
  • Streaks down page? Likely toner is stuck to the Drum roller. Replace the Drum.
  • Want to access your Printer over your network? Plug the printer into your primary wireless router with an Ethernet cable.
  • Basic Troubleshooting is available by calling or e-mailing us. For more involved jobs and setups, rates apply.


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