In-House Color Label Solutions for any Industry Application

Our range of label printers can get your business up and running fast, printing labels in-house; giving you greater control, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness over buying pre-printed labels from a distributor. Portland Printer Place has partnered with AstroNova QuickLabel, Canon, and Epson to provide you with the highest quality in-house label production devices available in today's high-speed, efficiency-focused market. The Color Label solutions we sell, service, and support cover a wide array of industry applications, including but not limited to:

  • Cannabis product packaging (in legalized states)
  • Bottle labels for Wine, Beer, and other beverage containers
  • Small-sized box printing / folding
  • Food packaging; nutritional info, product description labels
  • Barcode, product identification, warning labels
  • Stickers, item tags

Popular Label Solutions

Label Printer Rentals and Hotswapping Program

  • Label Printer Hotswap Program
    • Provides access to our hotswap units in the event of your label printer breaking down.
    • Seamless same-day or overnight replacements so you never miss your production deadlines.
    • Access to support and setup assistance from our expert staff while we fix your machine.
  • Label Printer Rentals
    • Rent our label devices for quick, easy, inexpensive access to high-end label production.
    • Pay for the ink and labels you use without the overhead of buying the machine

Request a Quote

Our team will assess your needs and provide you a custom-tailored quote. You'll receive all the information you need to make a well-reasoned decision for your business: The cost of the Color Label printer, what features and specs are included with the device, cost-per-label analysis, and information about media, ink, & service pricing.

Please provide an E-mail and/or a Phone # for your quote.

From full table top label production presses, to small, simple sticker printers, we have the full spectrum of solutions. In order to help you select a Color Label printer, we need to know more about how you intend to use it.

What business and application do you intend to be printing labels for?
Whether it's metallic, removable adhesive, or a custom cut size, we can supply labels to match your specifications
The more you print, the more robust a machine you should consider.
Typically, the higher your budget, the more money you save over the long run, as more robust machines take larger ink tanks and handle larger volumes more efficiently.
Space limitations, uncommon workflow requirements, etc.

Showcase: In-house Bottle Labeling